Dr. Leon Teo (Ph.D. RMIT, MIT Monash, MIMS Monash, GCTTL RMIT, BComp NUS)
Australia Post

Title: Embracing Digitalisation Paradoxes for Omnichannel Post COVID19 – Linking Theory to Practice.

Dr. Leon Teo is a supply chain leader who has worked in Sales & Operations, Supply Chain Planning and Analytics areas. He currently works as a Supply Chain Optimisation Manager in Australia Post’s Supply Chain Retail function. Leon has extensive experience in the Telecommunications industry having worked with major providers and vendors (such as Telstra, 2Degrees, Apple and Samsung).

rior to his corporate roles, Leon was a lecturer with RMIT University, Australia specialising in Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. Leon is a true believer of life-long learning and curiosity. His unique background of qualifications, academia and corporate experiences have allowed him to build up a wealth of knowledge linking theories to applications. During his free time, Leon enjoys volunteering mentorship support to his alma mater and collaborating with his ex-university colleagues on research publications.