Professor Caroline Chan
The former Dean of the School of Business IT and Logistics in RMIT University, Australia

Title: Cyber Security for Digital Supply Chain

Caroline Chan is Professor of eBusiness and Supply Chain Management and the former Dean of the School of Business IT and Logistics in RMIT University. Caroline undertakes research in the areas of information systems and technologies use in eBusiness and supply chain management. She undertakes projects, works and publishes in the area of e-commerce and digital transformation, food supply chain integrity and traceability, and technologies and standards in healthcare supply chain. She has been involved in and worked with various industry and government bodies leading Australia’s major projects including the Australian government’s low value parcel processing for online shopping and the development of the Australia food composition database.

Caroline also has strong interests on education, skills and training, and their role in human capital development. In this regard, she has assisted the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC) on a number of initiatives including the recognition of Australian bachelor’s degrees. Currently, Caroline is an advisor and leads Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)’s  ‘eCommerce Aid for Trade’ initiative on e-commerce and cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia.


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