Sofia Rivas Herrera
Supply Chain Ambassador, Mexico

Title: Millennials in Supply Chain

Sofia Rivas Herrera is a Mexican Industrial Engineer from Tecnologico de Monterrey University, class 2019. Upon graduation she earned a scholarship to study MIT’s Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GCLOG) and graduated as one of the Top 3 performers of her class in 2020. She also has a multicultural background due to her international academic experiences at Singapore Management University and Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg.

She currently works within the Airport Industry in Latin America as a Data Analyst, performing benchmarking reports and predictive analysis of future market behavior. Sofia self identifies as Supply Chain Ambassador, sharing her passion for the field in her daily life. She has been recognized as upcoming thought leader in the field and invited to participate in several podcasts to discuss topics such as digital transformation, automation and future skillsets for supply chain professionals.

She has participated at Supply Chain Now Radio with Scott Luton & Greg White, Freight Path Podcast with Terrence Wang, and Supply Chain Revolution Podcast with Sheri Hinish-Supply Chain Queen. Sofia will be giving a TEDx at Penn State University WilkesBarre’s event “The Young. The Undiscovered” this upcoming March 27, 2021.


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